Double Gift Box Limited Edition


Discover the brand new Double Gift Box. The exclusive two-bottle box of our extra virgin olive oils, awarded worldwide, which contain the true essence of a unique land.

1 bt. White 500 ml + 1 bt. Black 500 ml

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Our extra-virgin olive oil 100% Made in Italy is completely obtained by cold extraction, by using the processing in vacuum the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics of green and healthy olive are preserved. The harmony between bitter and spicy tastes reveals a high presence of polyphenols.


It is a fruity medium green olive oil, full and enveloping, on which herbal notes and tomato flavor enriched by floral scents and aromatic herbs stand out. The vegetal scents of herbs, artichoke and fresh almond are pleasing and soft. The bitter and the spicy flavors are balanced.


It is a fruity intense green olive oil, complex and structured, rich in scents of leaf and artichoke which are accompanied by elegant spicy flavor. It tastes of strong vegetal notes of leafy vegetables among which fresh almond and wild chicory flavor stand out. With an aftertaste of bitter and spicy cardoon, strong and harmonic.


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